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The art on my walls
Very Personal Choices From 5 Continents

"I don't know much about art, but I know what I like" applies to a lot of us, and I am no exception. I like variety and colour contrasts. Nothing here is valuable, famous, or even worth preserving, but they have brought me pleasure and fond memories of places and things that appealed to me.

If you have read my Vision Loss page, you might appreciate that I can no longer see the art on my walls, so it's really there as a conversation starter for visitors. I can sometimes see the images on this page because they are small enough and bright enough to be assembled in my mind.

I have been a keen observer and fan of railways, and transportation in general, since I was 5 years old. Trains, planes, ships, automobile, and now space craft form the fabric of modern economic activity. Nothing has transformed world history more nor left such a huge footprint on the planet. Younger people take transportation for granted and cite social media as the "world changer" but it was transportation that made room for a society with enough spare time to allow for the Internet, Google, and Facebook to exist.

"Jull Snow Excavator", water colour by Jan Rons.
 View near Hancock Colorado in April 1890 on the
Denver, South Park and Pacific Railway (DSP&P) mainline to Alpine Tunnel ,with four pusher locomotives, This original painting, and its twin shown below, take pride of place in my collection.

Mr. Orange Jull, inventor of the centrifugal snow excavator, stands at the railing on the roof of the plow to observe operations, water colour by Jan Rons.


Here is the W. H. Jackson photo from April 1890 that is the model for Jan Rons' watercolour shown above.


"Uphill Pull", framed print by Ted Blaylock. Listen to that roar as it passes by!

A wonderful piece of wall-art produced in the 1970's. It consists of a brass-coloured plaque with DSP&P Cooke Mogul #111 (#69 before 1885)  and a beautiful arch-windowed coach, possibly DSP&P #57, 58, or 59 (#7, 9, 10 before 1885). This is mounted on a mahogany base, along with a complete weather station consisting of French-made thermometer, barometer, and humidity meter..

This CAD drawing is by
William Gould shows DSP&P 2-6-6T Mason Bogie #6 "Tenmile" before the change
 to "plain-jane" black in 1885. I have 1:20, 1:24, 1:48, amd 1:87 scale models of this locomotive in my collection.

More of
Bill Gould's giclee prints of the famous Denver, South Park and Pacific Mason Bogie Locomotives
These memories of my favourite locomotive hang in my office, and trigger thoughts of my years in model railroading, which concentrated on the South Park from the 1990's to the present.

"DSP&P 2-6-0 Mogul #18 on Freemont Pass", by Tucker Smith.
The locomotive colours  (red boiler and cow catcher and green cab) are the same as the LGB 1:22 scale model of Denver South Park and Pacific #18  (LGB model #2018D)  -- another memorial to my Garden Railway.

Some art is more personal and evokes fond memories of places past and present - like my ranch, travels, or significant events in my life.

"Landwasser Viaduct"                                               "Autumn Colours"
(Narrow Gauge Steam -- Blonay-Chamby Baye de Clarens Viaduct )
Memories of Switzerland 1995 and 2009. Prints from Gerald Savine

"Paddle Steamer Italie at Montreaux, Lac Leman".
Memories of Switzerland -- print from Gerald Savine

"New Beginnings" and "Small Wonder" -- Hereford calf prints by Ailene Halvorson.
Memories of cold nights and wonderful mornings at Rocking Are Herefords.

"The Beef Starts Here", print #336 of 400 by Darcy Shaver -- the frame itself is a work of art.
The view on the right is a close approximatio to my "Ultimate Cabin in the Woods" that I built in the bush in Central Alberta. It didn't take long to turn it into a working purebred Hereford ranch, Rocking Are Herefords.

  "Running Horses" -- Chinese Scroll on silk
Memories of a 1974 business trip, before China was "discovered" by the West.

"1948 MG-TC", silk screen, limited edition #5 of 7 by Ian Stewart -- my favourite car.
At various times I owned four different MG cars, an MG-TC in Australia, two different MG-TD's in Canada, and an MGB-GT that made the trip from Calgary to Montreal in 48 hours to see Expo '67, (celebrating Canada's 100th birthday).

"Sydney Opera House", oil on canvas by Bai Yi -- those were the days!
I was just turning 29 and assigned to be Resident Manager of a seismic data pocessing center in Sydney,
with a staff of 45 and a budget of $1 million a year. The sharks weren't all in the water!


"Lifetime Achievement Award" from Canadian Well Logging Society March 2019
Rocky Mountains and Foothils tactile sculpture, with Gamma Ray well log curve

"Horned Hereford Bull" and "Cow with Calf", Beswick figurines
Commorating 40 years of ranch life.

"China National Railway 150th Anniversary" -- in mempry of my 1974 trip from Hong Kong through Canton to Shanghai by steam train en route to Beijing.

"Great Pyrenees Mountain Dog", Sandcast Figurine  
In memory of six Great Pyrenees, along with six other lovely mutts, four Red-Point Siamese cats, and other assorted  critters that preserved my sanity over the years.

"Siberian Tiger" (rug as a wall hanging), 30 x 52 inches. Handmade by ladies of Dhaka Women's Cooperative.
Momento of five trips to Bangladesh for SSI on behalf of CIDA in the early 1990's.

"Camel and Pyramids" wall hangings, Acrylic on burlap, 33 x 48 jnches.
Mpmento of some hair-raising trips to Libya and Kuwait for SSI in the 1990's.