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Denver, South Park and Pacific Railroad
DSP&P Stations and Depots In Colour

The paint scheme for
DSP&P structures in the 1875 - 1885 era, the period before the Union Pacific takeover, was light grey with olive green trim, as used today on the restorations of the Como and Buena Vista CO depots, and the Alpine Tunnel telegraph office. The colours were confirmed by the Denver, South Park and Pacific Historical Society during their research for the restoration work.

Thanks to Grant Law, a fellow large scale model railroader and DSP&P fan, for suggesting this page.

For more information on the restoration of DSP&P facilities, see
DSP&P Historical Society and
South Park Rail Society.  


DSP&P telegraph office at Alpine Tunnel CO, as restored, with light grey and olive green trim. The bright sunshine makes the grey look almost white - compare to the white background on the station sign on the roof. Photo from Wikipedia

DSP&P Como depot, in 2015 at restoration dedication ceremony. Compare the light grey to the white clothing and Como station sign. Photos from the DSP&PHS website.

DSP&P Buena Vista CO depot restoration photos don't show the green trim - maybe it was applied later

Photos from the DSP&PHS website.

DSP&P Buena Vista Depot before the restoration and new paint job

Buena Vista Depot, end view

DSP&P Jefferson CO depot 1957, from a Google search

DSP&P Gunnison stone depot - O sale Model Masterpieces kit


DSP&P Leadville brick depot in 1994.

Mount Princeton CO Depot                                                Pitkin CO Depot                

DSP&P Como Roundhouse was built in 1881, seen here in late 1950's - photo enhanced to show door details.
The wooden engine stalls added in 1885 are long gone.

Como Roundhouse late 1950's - photo enhanced to show stonework details. Note the finely cut column stones between each arch, the keystone shape of the arch stones, and the random shape and size of all the other stones. used to make the rest of the wall.

Portion of a side wall with a window and a doorway. The only finely finished stones are those above and along the sides of the window and door; the rest are random size and shape.

Arial views of front and rear of Como Roundhouse showing overall shape of the stone building.

DSP&P Leadville Roundhouse late 1950's

Both sides of Baker Tank, morth of Leadville on the High Line to Climax CO. This DSP&P  tank has been maintained on yje route the LC&S tourist train.