Denver, South Park and Pacific Railroad

DSP&P Maintenance of Way Equipment In Colour

There is not much in the way of commercial MOW equipment on the market, so most is scratchbuilt or kitbashed. Below are sone examples.

SOme scratchbuilt Models IN On3
The beautiful On3 examples shown below were built by Dan Windolf based on folio drawings and photos. Note the level of detail and innovative construction techniques. See the stories, with full-size images, in the May/Jun 2018 through Jan/Feb 2019 issues of Narrow Gauge and Shortline Gazette.

DSP&P / DL&G FLANGER 08 (C&S 015)


DSP&P / DL&G ROTARY 011 / 064  (C&S 92000)



DSP&P WRECKER 0103 (C&S 099)


Kitbashed DSP&P maintenance of way equipment
My MOW equipment is based on kitbashed representatioons of "what could have been" on the DSP&P in the 1880's. Some bear a slight resemblence to folio drawings; most are products of the Chief Engineer's imagination. Colours and road numbers are definately not realistic.

My snow train consists of Rotary O2 and tender, water tanker W69, coal car O174, kitchen car O185, bunk car O183, and a well worn waycar #90. Wedge plow O3 and steam shovel O4 are also available for snow service.

DSP&P Consolidation #64 pushes Rotary O2 enroute to Climax

The original USA Trains rotary was freelanced into DSP&P  Rotary O2.. To improve visibility, a cupola has been added. A roof and backhead were added at the rear using Hartland parts, as were a bell and whistle on the roof.
 Side curatins are still at the laundry. The tender is from an LGB Mogul with sound added.  

The complete snow train: caboose, bunk / tool car, kitchen car, coal car, water car, 2-8-0 Consolidation #64, plow tender, rotary plow.

Wedge plow O3 sitting in the yard during a summer respite. It was kitbashed from an Aristocraft plow, shortened by 3 inches, with a Hartland headlamp added to backdate the original modern headlight.

Headshot of DSP&P wedge plow O3 showing rusting plow blade before it gets scoured clean and shiny by the icy snow next winter.

DSP&P 2-6-0 Mogul #17 is shown here in the reflected light of the engine house, with its pilot-mounted snow plow, ready for its early morning run to Glacier and Leaverite.

When the snow and rock falls from avalanches are too dangerous for the rotary plow, Steam Shovel O4 can be brought forward to clear the line. The enclosed cab is a real comfort to the crew in the minus 40 temperatures of the North. This is kitbashed from an LGB flatcar and a JS Woodcrafts steam shovel with the track assembly removed.

Snow train auxillary cars: Coal car O174 and Water car W69.

Snow train auxillary cars: Bunk/Tool Car O183 and Kitchen car O185

Snow train auxillary cars: Work Caboose O187 and well-worn spare Waycar #90

Starting with steam shovel parts and some Ozark Miniatures pulley blocks,
a wrecking crane appears, loosely following a DSP&P folio drawing.

The wrecking crane tender/boom car includes lots of tools, parts,
rope, chains, junk, and a guard goat.

The pile driver uses the same steam hoist with a free lanced mast holding
the pile driver's hammer.

The derrick car was backdated by shortening the flat car
and adding a truss rod underframe.

The USA Trains rail and tie car was also shortned and loaded
with .... rails and ties.

Also shortened, the work caboose has tools and equipment storage.

      The truck and wheel cars are less interesting but are an essential part of any
      wrecking consist.

Outfit cars just need to look used and dirty.The railroad name has long since worn off. These are the bunk and kitchen cars for both the work and snow trains, and have been modified to include the simulated wood roof of the era.