Denver, South Park and Pacific Railroad

DSP&P Passenger Cars In Colour

There is no shortage of passenger equipment models in all scales for D&RG and other narrow gauge lines, but none of them represent those on the DSP&P, except for the Deerfield River O scale kit-basher car sides described below. The Mantua/Tyco/IHC HO scale combine and passenger car are generic cars that do not represent any particular DSP&P car, but the paint and lettering are good. LGB large scale cars can be described in similar terms.

 Mantua HO Combine with duckbill roof. The coach is similar. These cars are too short to represent any real DSP&P rolling stock. Also marketed with IHC, Tyco, and Roundhouse brands.

Deerfield River Laser Models On3 Quik-Kits
These are the most innovative passenger car kits to appear in a long time and the only accurate DSP&P passenger cars produced in any scale. The laser cut sides and ends are applied to Bachmann On30 passenger car underframes and roofs. A little kit bashing is needed for the longer cars, using four roof/underframe sets to make three cars. Some car lengths are a little off (not more than 3 feet) but this is a small trade-off for some fabulous models.

These cars sides are the first ever with panels instead of tongue and groove siding, as delivered to the DSP&P in the 1874 -1878 era. Even the plaque for the car name is included in the laser cut sidewalls.


DSP&P 1 "Auraria" 1874 Combine 31 foot body

DSP&P 2 "Denver" 1874 Coach 31 foot body

DSP&P 3 and 5 "Geneva" and "Leadville" 1878 Coach 40 foot body

DSP&P 4 "Hall's Valley" Coach 1878 40 foot body

DSP&P Pullman "South Park" "Leadville" "Bonanza" "San Juan" 1879 40 foot body

DSP&P 051 Paycar 1880 31 foot body

DSP&P 40, 41, and 45 Baggage 1878 31 foot body

The beautiful On3 examples shown below were built by Dan Windolf. Note the wonderful arched windows, and car number / nane plaques on some cars. See  the story, with full- size images, in the Nov/Dec 2019 Narrow Gauge and Shortline Gazette.


DSP&P Coach #7

DSP&P Coach #9

DSP&P Coach #17

DSP&P Coach #17

DSP&P Coach #22

DSP&P Baggage Mail #??

DSP&P Parlour Car, image source unnown

Large Scale Passenger Cars
For more photos of Large Scale passenger cars, see
LGB Passenger Cars.

Here's what the LGB cars look like on my outdoor railway, after painting the roofs black. The Delton Mason Bogie on the lower level track looks more natural in daylight, too. It's the glare from the sun on the black car roofs that makes them look silver, on models as well as the originals in the old black and white photos, so don't paint the roof silver - nature will do it for you.

The LGB model of the single door baggage car is a close match to DSP&P #42. Note the new roof colour and the new road number (Author's Collection).

I purchased the above 3 cars from an eBay vendor. They are Bachmann kits painted and lettered for DSP&P. The three photos represent 1878 Barney and Smith combine #4 "Hall's Valley", coach #5 "Leadville", and Pullman-built parlour car "South Park". As for the LGB cars, they are a bit short and shy a few windows (Author's Collection).

Some people have managed to improve the stock available. Bob Baxter did a beautiful job of adding arch windows and reasonable lettering to a Bachmann passenger car. Some very early photos suggest that the roofs of passenger caes might have been painted with white lead, so the white roof on this model is probably correct. Later photos suggest sunshine on a black roof, which looks like light grey, not white and definitely not silver or alumunum colour.

Close but no cigar .. car numbers incprrect and too large. Photo credit unknown.