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Denver, South Park and Pacific Railroad
Bibliography: Books, Articles, Links

This page contains a listing of books, magazine articles, and web links that describe the Denver, South Park and Pacific Railway in considerable detail.  Some books are new enough to be puechased from the publisher. Older books are still available in the after-market at reasonable prices. Magazines such as Narrow Gauge and Short Line Gazette, Trains, and Model Railroader appear frequently in the after market. Check Amazon and eBay.

Other pages on this site contain a rolling stock roster, schedules, plans and drawings, and representative photos of prototype and model locomotives and rolling stock.

For a change of pace, here's a song that includes a reference to the "Leadville narrow gauge".

BookS About the DSP&P

Denver, South Park & Pacific Memorial Edition, M. C. Poor                                                         
                            Denver, South Park & Pacific Pictorial Supplement, R. Kindig
                                                   South Park, M. H. Ferrell
                                                                                                           Mineral Belt Vol l, II, III, D. Digerness

Narrow Gauge in the Rockies, Beebe and Clegg                                                                                            
                                         Colorado's Mountain Railroads, R. LeMassena                                               
                                                                                    South Park Line, CRM Annual #12                                   

                                                                                                               Colorado Central, CRM Annual #10

C&Sng, M. H. Ferrell               Colorado Road, H. Wagner     Mason Locomotives, A. Wallace

        Silver Rails, C. James            
Modeling Guide, R. Rudnick         UP Roster, J. Ehernberger

For a thorough list of related books and documents see .

Historical Societies
DSP&P Historical Society offere Mason Bogie plans, folio drawings, and calendars with previously unpublished historical photos of DSP&P scenes and rolling stock. Become a DSP&PHS member to receive their quarrterly magazine, "The Bogies and the Loop", with photos, plans, articles, and restoration project news. The full archive of articles is available on a CD at -- a genuine bargain at any price for DSP&P fans and modelers. DSP&PHS raises funds for various restoration projects, my personal favourite being DSP&P boxcar 608, the only existing example of a DSP&P freight car.

The South Park Rail Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to the restoration of the Como Roundhouse and yard area, as well as providing a steam-powered excursion train ride at Como, CO. The locomotive used is a 1912 Baldwin 2-6-2, originally Klondile Mines Railroad #4 from Dawson City, Yukon, Canada. Service began Sugust 2017. Track laying and restoration of the roundhouse and turntable are ongoing projects.

South Park City at Fairplay, CO is an outdoor museum with 30+ restored structures and 60,000 artifacts from the gold and silver mining era of the late 1800's.
The museum was opened in 1959 after two years of preparation by the South Park Historical Foundation. The railway equipment is not originally DSP&P rolling stock.

Articles About the DSP&P
This is not an exhaustive list, but covers some of the best in my collection. Plans and CAD drawings appear elsewhere on this website -- see main index at bottom of this page.

 • DSP 4 and 6 Fletcher  • DSP 4 / 42 NGDU Apr 2009  • DSP 22 Fletcher
 • DSP 42 Fletcher  • Bogie Project FR Aug 2008  • DSP 33 160 NGSL Jul 2014
 • DSP 30 NGSLG May 2014  • DSP 35 NGSLG Mar 2014  • DSP 35 150 Sloan
 • DSP 35 Fletcher  • DSP 71 MR Dec 1998  • DSP 18 and 71 LGB 1989
 • DSP 51 / 191 Fletcher  • DSP 191 Fletcher  • DSP 51 191 NGSL Sep 2015
 • DSP 63 / 194 NGSL Jun 1990  • DSP 63 NGSL May 1978  • DSP History LGB 1995
 • DSP Tiffany B&L Oct-Dec 2012  • DSP Tiffany OR May 1995  • DSP 1066 Mods FR Jan 1998
 • DSP 1059 FR Aug 2003   DSP 60 Waycar Replica B&L15#2   DSP Colours FR Sep 2004
 • DSP 72 Waycar OR Dec 1992  • DSP 71 CS 1002 NGSL Aug 2003  • DSP Waycars OR Aug Oct 1995
 • DSP Rotary NGSL Jun 2000   • DSP Alpine Facilities NGSL Aug 1983  • DSP Alpine Tunnel SGN 1967
 • Leadville 1 MR May 1989  • Leadville 2 MR Jun 1989  • Leadville 3 MR Jul 1989
 • Andrew Dodge Layout FR 2003  • Andrew Dodge Layout NGSL Jul 2015   Last Train Trains Mar1981
 • DSP 15 Trains Apr 1943  • Old South Park Trains Nov 1943  • Sloan's DSP&P Data 1989
 • Snow Trials Trains Jan 1987  • DSP Moguls Trains Dec 1998  

EXTERNAL Links to Other DSP&P Resources
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1989 Granada postage stamp featured DSP&P Mason Bogie "Breckenridge"