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Denver, South Park and Pacific Railroad

DSP&P Virtual Rsilroading with Trainz

Running trains on a computer has a long history of evolution and improvent in operational capability and realisn. You can obtain a complete railroad subdivision for a modest fee or build your own mythical empire on your PC. You can also design a model railroad based on famous layouts, such ss my heros John Allen and Malcolm Furlow, or test run your own design alternatives that will fit your available space.

Tom Steadman ( sent me a note that prompted this article, and included a few images to illustrate possibilities. He is well along in building his virtual model railway based on Andrew Dodge's well known DSP&P layout. Andrew's exquisite modeling work was  described in the Jul/Aug 2019 issue of Narrow Gauge and Shortline Gazette. An earlier article in a 2003 issue of Finescale Railroader has some excellent photos of the layout.

The layout was created by downloading the orginal plan from the internet and using a program called Basemapz to create the number of flat baseboards required for the plan. Some adjustment is required for the plan to work in Trainz. It's up to the user to lay the track, change the levels, and create the mountains, lakes, rivers, and floor levels with the tools in the program. There is a group of assets like walls, doors, floors, valance, celing, and other objects to complete the layout room.

Screenshot of Deansbury CO area on Tom's virtual model railway. Click image for larger version - you might see the DSP&P bogie, flat car, and boxcar towad the top left..

Rolling stock and buildings for an 1880's DSP&P railway are numerous enough.
The old DSP&P 4-4-0 #2 and Mason bogies DSP&P #8 are by Trainboi1, but these may only work in older versions of Trainz,  Other DSP&P locos 
(191 and 240) are by Togog, with bogies (4, 6, 15, 28, 42, 44) by Robinhoods. All these have been updated for use in the later versions of Traimz.

Screenshot of Tom's locomotives for his DSP&P virtual model railway. Click image for larger version.

also made some rollingstock --  2 waycars #64 (brown) and #76 (yellow), 2 reefers #508 and #509, both white with Tiffany lettering, flatcar #186, and boxcar #618. Trainboi1 also made waycar #64 in yellow.

Elvenor made the harp point levers in 4 types to suit Trainz. Como roundhouse comes in 3 versions -- 5 stall stone, 14 stalls after wood stalls added, and finally 9 stalls after 5 wood stalls were removed,  by Bendorsey. Colorado71 has made lots of building for the area. Textures for ground cover are by Dmdrake  and Dangavel.