Denver, South Park and Pacific Railroad
DSP&P Refrigerator Cars: History, Photos, Plans

DSP&P owned 27 refrigerator cars. They arrived in three batches, one of 7 cars and another of 5 cars in 1880, and 15 cars in 1883. The first 12 were 26 foot cars, the last 15 were 27 foot cars. The 1880 cars were built from parts by the DSP Shops in Denver. The newer cars came from St Charles Car company of St Charles MO. All were built according to the Tiffany refrigerator car patent. The main distinguishing feature of the patent cars is the exterior air vent on each end of the car and the lack of ice hatches on the roof of these narrow gauge cars.





505-511 Reefer 24000-24011 26 DSP 1880
555-559 Reefer 26 DSP 1880
1050-1064 Reefer 24012-24026 27 St Charles 1883

DSP&P had 27 refrigerator cars built to a narrow gauge version of the Tiffany Patent "Summer and Winter" design. The first group of cars were 26 feet long, numbered 505 -- 511 and 555 -- 559, and were built by DSP&P shops in 1880. The second batch arrived from St Charles Car Company in 1883 and were 27 feet long, numbered 1050 -- 1064. The two groups became numbers 24000 -- 24011 and 24012 -- 24026 during the UP renumbering in 1885. Ten 26 footers made it to the C&S roster as C&S #574 to 583. All 15 of the 27 footers became C&S #585 to 599. in 1908, two 26' cars and three 27' cars were renumbered to C&S #1126 to 1130 and survived to about 1923; the others were no longer on the service roster.

Most people are convinced that DSP&P Tiffany Reefers did not have roof hatches for ice, like the standard gauge cars, due to the lack of headroom in a narrow gauge car. There is no evidence for roof-top icing platforms on the DSP&P, although icing "facilities" were available at Denver, Golden, and Como, so the general consensus is that ice was hauled in through the main doors and placed in bunkers at both ends of the car, before cargo was loaded.

Derrell Poole's drawings of DSP&P reefers #508 and #1058 showing vent location in end walls and an interpretation of the sidewall air ducts passing through the car doors.



Some of the author's kitbashed Tiffany refrigerator cars

DSP&P #506, one of 8 kitbashed Tiffany patent refrigerator cars on the author's outdoor garden railway. Note wood roof, ladders, and black painted hardware (instead of Murphy metal roof and grab irons). Not shown is the ventilation hole on the car ends.


DSP&P #70 with boxcar and Tiffany reefer

A DSP&P 27 foot reefer at the front of four boxcars and a waycar

DSP&P Tiffany reefer with two flat cars and red waycar. Note air vent at top left of the reefer's end wall.

Hartford Products craftsman kit for DSP&P Tiffany Reefer

Tiffany reefer #1063 CAD image by Bill Gould. See Bill's website for many more images, exact-scale plans, and fine art prints for sale.  

PLANS by John Maxwell

DSP&P 26 Foot Refrigerator Cars 505 to 511 and 555 to 559

DSP&P 27 Foot Refrigerator Cars 1050 to 1064


PLANS by Ron Rudnick

DSP&P 26 foot Tiffany Reefers 505 -- 511 and 555 -- 559  1880

DSP&P 27 foot Tiffany Reefers 1050 -- 1064   1883

DSP&P / DL&G 26 foot Tiffany Reefers 24011  After 1885

DSP&P / DL&G 27 foot Tiffany Reefers 24012   After 1885


PLANS by Others

DSP&P 26 Foot Reefer #506

DSP&P 27 Foot Tiffany Patent Reefer #1063 and 26 Foot Reefer #509

DSP&P 27 Foot Tiffany Patent Reefer #1050

DSP&P 27 Foot Tiffany Patent Reefer #1050

DSP&P 27 Foot Tiffany Patent Reefer #1050


DSP&P 27 Foot Tiffany Patent Reefer #1059