Denver, South Park and Pacific Railroad
DSP&P Cattle Cars: History, Photos, Plans

The South Park had only nine stock cars in their fleet. These were conventional 26 foot cars with 2x4 or 2x6 slats on the sides and outside bracing.

A good photo shows a very early stock car built on a flatcar. It seems to show a screen door instead of a slatted wooden door. This could not have held cattle on board, so the car may have been used for some other purpose when not needed for the cattle rush in the fall. 



DSP&P RR CATTLE CARS   1874 - 1898 

85 Flatt / Stock == 26 DSP 1874 ?
1600-1606 ??
Stock 18000-18006 26 DSP 1881 ?
1607-1608 ??
Stock 18007-18008 26 DSP 1881 ?

These stock cars were 26 feet long, built by DSP&P Shops  in Denver. The first seven had a capacity of 10 tons and the last two 12 tons. Originally numbered DSP&P #1200 to 1208, Ron Rudnick suggests they were probably renumbered DSP&P #1600 to 1608 because a group of 1884 flatcars also carried these numbers (DSP&P #1200 to 1299).  In 1885 they received the new UP numbers 18000 to 18008. The DSP&P cattle cars showed up on the 1889 roster but none passed to the C&S, who ran quite a fleet of newer stock cars for many years.

      DSP&P #1204 stock car on the author's garden railway  


DSP&P #6 "Tenmile" with stock car built on a flatcar #85


Enlargement of the stock car.

PLANS by John Maxwell

DSP&P 26 Foot Flat Car 85 With Stock Car Body

DSP&P 26 Foot Stock Cars 1200 to 1208


PLANS by Ron Rudnick

DSP&P 26 Foot Stock Cars 1200 to 1208