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Rocky Mountain House, Nordegg & Pacific Railway

Photo Gallery -- Miniscenes                   

Creating miniscenes is one of my favourite facets of the model railroading hobby. This page shows some of my favourites from my indoor Large Scale layout. I had been building such scenes on my HO and HOn3 layouts many yeatrs before and it is even easier in Large Scale.

There are many miniscenes to draw the eye to specific places on the layout. Mini-scenes shown here include a Christmas party in a remote corner of the railway, beavers chewing a bridge support, a hunter aiming at distant deer, linemen stringing new telegraph wire, diners at an outdoor restaurant, geese escaping from a cage on a baggage cart, a school band practicing, firemen washing the fire truck, a biker gang partying and holding up traffic, a wingwalker on a biplane, a traffic accident with nurse and ambulance,..... If you can dream it, you can make it come alive on your railroad.

Photos on this taken by Joan Elmont in 2002, as cropped by the author. Click of highkighted photo caotion to see a larger image. Look at the details and write your own expanded caption.

Photo 51:
Post Hotel -

Photo 52:
Cadet Parade -

Photo 53:
Moose Crossing -

Photo 54:
Galloping Goose #2 -

Photo 55:
Mystic Ridge Trestle -

Photo 56:
Snow at Farm House -

Photo 57:
Hot Air Balloon

Photo 58:
Roundhouse and Turntable -

Photo 59:
Snow at Stoney Creek Mill -

Photo 60:

Photo 61:
Banff Steel Bridge -

Photo 62:
Rail Tie Car -

Photo 63:
Banff Stone Bridge

Photo 64:
Bear Photographer -

Photo 65:
Wing Walker -

Photo 66:
Duck Pond

Photo 67:
Hanging-Laundry -

Photo 68:
TeePee and Train -

Photo 69:
Grizzly Flats Module

Photo 70:
Sulphur Mtn Station -

Photo 71:
Bears and Beavers at Devils Gulch -

Photo 72:
Catch Me If You Can