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Denver, South Park and Pacific Railroad

Fine Art Gallery: Memories of the South Park Line

This page portrays artwork and memorabilia that displays some aspect of the South Park Line in glorious colour. Some are based on black and white photographs with a little artistic license. Others are less realistic but give an impression of the 1878 to 1889 era. A number of those illustrated here hang on my walls, as moted in the captions.

See my Digital Art Gallery HERE.

Jull Snow Excavator in April 1890, near Hancock on the DSP&P mainline to Alpine Tunnel, with four pusher locomotives,
Gicleč print of the original water colour by Jan Rons,dated 2005. This print, and its twin shown below, take pride of place in my collection.

The other half of the pair -- Mr. Orange Jull, inventor of the centrifugal snow excavator, stands at the railing on the roof of the plow to observe operations.
Gicleč prints from original water colour by Jan Rons.

Here is the W. H. Jackson photo from April 1890 that is the model for Jan Rons' watercolour shown above.

DSP&P 2-6-0 Mogul #18 on Freemont Pass by Tucker Smith. The locomotive colours
 (red boiler and cow catcher and green cab) are the same as the LGB #18 (2018D).
The cupola on the waycar should not be there. A small print appears in my office.

"Uphil Pull",  
print by Ted Blaylock, probably not DSP&P, but still a favorite on my office wall.

DSP&P #6 "Tenmile" and Waycar #72 by Bill Gould. This dramatic image is a CAD art print, from the cover of Mar/Apr 2014 Narrow Gauge and Short Line Gazwtte. It may be CAD Art, but it is also Fine Art.

DSP&P #1 and #16 at Chalk Cliff, Philip Ronfor


"Alpine Enginehouse" by Philip Ronfor shows DSP&P #191 at work. The nicely restored original locomotive is at the Colorado Railroad Museum in Golden CO. 


Como Roundhouse, Philip Ronfor

DSP&P Mason Bogie #4 "San Juan" with a freight train near Climax, by Gil Bennett

 DSP&P #217 and #43 at Palisades (Alpine), Richard Ward

DSP&P #42 at Dead Man Canyon, Philip Ronfor  

DSP&P Mason Bogie #24 "Buena Vista" at Baker Tank on Boreas Pass by Art Olds

DSP&P #51 at Woodstock, Richard Ward

"Double Header at Hancock", pen and ink by George Foote

DSP&P #63 and #28 "Denver", Pen and Ink by Otto Kuhler

"Water Stop at Hancock" Pen and Ink by Otto Kuhler

DSP&P #54, "Meet at Little Mountain Spur", Philip Ronfor

DSP&P Mason Bogie #44 "Along the Ten Mile" on the High Line to Leadville,
John Coker  

"DSP&P #55 On Como Turntable", 
John Coker, from the Mar/Apr 2022 cover of Narrow Gauge and Short Line Gazette. 

DSP&P #63 at Platte Canyon, Richard Ward
















 DSP&P Triple Heaser Cattle Train - "The Roundup" by Otto Kuhler

DSP&P Consolidations #63 and #67 at Rocky Point in Boreas Pass,
John Coker  


DSP&P Freight Train, artist unknown








DSP&P #58  "Night Train to Gunnison" (at Alpine), Philip Ronfor 

Platte Canyon,
John Coker  

DSP&P #13  "Ruby", pen and ink by Stephen Moertker

Mason Bogie, by Philip Ronfor

Reproductions of the Breckenridge engraving have been published to decorate office and home. This print shows some nice detail. Click to view large image of the original engraving.

A series of art prints in "The American Eye of Evelyn Curro" appeared in 1972 and included this rendering of DSP&P #15 in red  with russia Iron boiler. Its bright red colour scheme was probably not authentic, but made for dramatic art.  This image may have been the inspiration for the 1983 Delton colour scheme shown below,
although, sadly, they didn't keep the russia iron colour on the boiler.

Delton's DSP&P #15 2-6-6T "Breckenridge" in the burgandy and red paint scheme, showing the many individual decals representing the pin-striped original.



Souvenirs that commemorate a little known railway that died more than 125 years ago are pretty rare but they do exist and come in unexpected forms. The images here show items in  my personal collection.

Some are very finely crafted, some a little less so, hut nobe are truly ugly or crude.

Scroll down to see what I have found.









<== 1989 Granada postage stamp featured DSP&P Mason Bogie #15 "Breckemridge",

Artist unknown, shown about 5 times original size.


Haro style sqitch stand: One-sixth scale model has 3 slots on the top edge of the harp to position the lever arm, which is locked in place with a key placed in the slot. Created by Ralph's Railroad, Denver CO.==>


        Alpine Tunnel Commemorative Belt Buckle
            Artist: C.A. McVicar 1977, #38 of 1000

A 1947 Calendar with the "San Juan" builder's photo of 1879

Here's a wonderful piece of wall-art produced in the 1970's. It consists of a brass-coloured plaque with DSP&P Cooke Mogul #111 (#69 before 1885)  and a beautiful arch-windowed coach, possibly DSP&P #57, 58, or 59 (#7, 9, 10 before 1885). This is mounted on a mahogany base, along with a complete weather station consisting of French-made thermometer, barometer, and humidity meter., all still in working order.
Created by Highline West, mid 1970's.

A commemorative postal cover postmarked 25 Aug 1983 at Gunnison CO with South Park logo, issued by Ferro-Phile, depicting a DSP&P passenger train on a trestle, limited edition #357 of 500 signed on reverse by the artist. Stamps include a 3 cent of 1950 honouring railroad engineers, a 13 cent honouring Crazy Horse, and a 4 cent illustrating a stage coach of the 1890's, both issued in 1982.

Passenger train at Alpine Tunnel, C&S logo      Double headed freight train , CB&Q logo
limited edition #316 of 500                          limited edition #304 of 500

Unused cover 25th Annual Rocky Mountain Philatelic Exposiion (ROMPEX), Denver 1974,  commemorating 100th anniversary of Denver South Park and Pacific Railroad charter

Postcard: DSP&P #15 "Breckenridge", no date or publisheer noted on reverse.

Postcard: Passenger train on Alpine Pass. On reverse: "Kindig Collection", no date.

Postcard: Snow shovellers on Alpine Pass near Woodstock CO 1880. On reverse: "Kindig Collection", no date.

Postcard: "Action at Rolling Stone Curve" (Platte Canyon), no date or publisheer noted on reverse.

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