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Denver, South Park and Pacific Railroad
DSP&P Mason Bogie 2-8-6T Locomotives

The Mason Machine Works was founded in 1842 by William Mason of Taunton, MA.-Mason built stationary engines, locomotives, and cotton machinery. Mason's innovative locomotive designs quickly drew praise from railroad engineers and operators, and were known to be the easiest engines to repair. The company constructed 754 steam locomotives between 1853 and 1889. However, after Mason's death in 1883, the firm concentrated on its core business of textile machinery.

Although his plant produced many well known conventional locomotives, he is often better known for his adaptation of the Fairlie style articulated locomotive, which became known as the Mason Bogie, or Double-Truck locomotive. His design placed the driving wheels on an articulated frame under the boiler that allowed it to swivel on sharp curves. The fuel and water tender was on the engines main frame, carried by a six-wheel truck. The south Park purchased 23 of the 147 Bogie locomotives built by Mason. The Forney locomotive looked similar but most Forney's were not articulated. 

This page covers the DSP&P 2-8-6T Mason Bogies. They also owned 19 of the 2-6-6T model.

DSP&P RR LOCOMOTIVES   1874 - 1899 

25 Alpine 240 2-8-6T Mason 1880
26 Rico 241 2-8-6T Mason 1880
27 Roaring Fork 242 2-8-6T Mason 1880
28 Denver 243 2-8-6T Mason 1880

DSP&P #25 through #28 arrived in 1880 and were gone by 1894. The latter two had larger cylinders than the first two. All are reported to weigh in at 46 tons with 45" boiler diameter, and had 36" drivers as opposed to the 37" on the 2-6-6T models.



                                                Mason Bogie 2-8-6T "Denver" at the Mason plant in 1880


Two page advertisement?? moumted on cardstock, source unknown, possibly Railway Age or Railway Gazette, origial pages about 9" x 7", showing plans and specifications for DSP&P 2-8-6T Mason Bogies #25 through #28. (From the author's collection).

DSP&P 2-8-6T Mason Bogie #28 "Denver"

DSP&P 2-8-6T Mason Bogie #28 "Denver" Page 1

DSP&P 2-8-6T Mason Bogie #28 "Denver" Page 2

DSP&P 2-8-6T Mason Bogie #28 "Denver" Page 3

DSP&P 2-8-6T Mason Bogie #28 "Denver"

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