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DSP&P / C&S Plans by Harry Brunk

Among the long-running series of articles by Harru Brunk in Narrow Gauge and Short Line Gazette there are a number of beautifully drawn plans of C&S freight cars. On this page, I have included all the truss-rod cars with arch-bar trucks, eliminating the steel-framed cars with Bettendorf trucks.

Based on the car numbers shown on the plans, all of the freight cars shown here were built after the DSP&P era and the plans represent the cars as they appeared in the 1930's, so they may not be overly helpful for DSP&P modelers. See Ron Rudnick's Plans for DSP&P freight cars.

Since all C&S cabooses were rebuilt from older DSP&P and CC waycars, Harry's C&S plans may be helpful for overall dimensions, details, and underframe layout.

All images displayed below have been reduced in size. Reprint volumes of Harry's articles are available at www.bobhayden.com. They are hard-bound and a genuine bargain.

C&S Flat Cars #1078 -- 1097 (built 1902)

C&S Coal Cars #4300 -- 4599 (built 1902 or later)

C&S / RGS Box Cars #8000 -- 8599 (built 1902 or later)

C&S / RGS Refrigerator Cars      (built 1902 or later)

C&S Cattle Cars #7000 Series     (built 1902 or later)

C&S Side Dump Cinder Cars 0200 Series     (built 1902 or later)

C&S Caboose Cars 1000 Series     (rebuilt from DSP&P Waycars)



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