A Photo Essay on C&S #30

The Rocky Mountain House, Leaverite and Northern Railway was an outdoor, large scale model railroad, nominally 1:22.5 or G Scale 3 foot narrow gauge running on Gauge 1 (45 mm) track. It is a little-known Canadian subsidiary of the Denver, South Park & Pacific Railroad, serving the fictitious towns of Leaverite and Glacier in west central Alberta. The railway was abandoned in 2016 and the locomotives and rolling stock put up for sale in late 2020. Many unique itens featured in the photo gallery below are ON SALE NOW from this website.

The RMH,L&N RR portrays the Denver, South Park and Pacific Railroad around 1880 to 1885, with some minor time-sliding so I can incorporate some interesting items of rolling stock, like a rotary snowplow and a Mack AB dump truck on a roll-on roll-off flatcar. I also run C&S Mogul #5 with its caboose C&S #301 (LGB models) and C&S Consolidation #30.

My model of C&S #30 is a one of a kind built by David Fletcher for Aristocraft, as a prototype for a new product. It was never put into production, so this is one of my prized locomotives.
Here is part of David's description of his work:

These Aristocraft "Delton Classic" models originally had the superstructure sit too high above the wheels in order to fit the gearbox,  which spoiled the low-slung look of a Baldwin 2-8-0.  I developed a means to lower the model down to correct height, and this one was so modified in around 2006 when the model was purchased new. The engine is nice and low slung with the wheels now correctly set about the piston centre line. The only other change made was to repaint the boiler jacket with Testors Metalizers Gun Metal to produce the proper Russia iron colour for the jacket.  The rest of the model is painted and lettered to original factory form. The livery and lettering of this model represent the C&S style from 1900."

This page includes a series of photos of C&S #30 at various points of interest on the RMH, L&N. Camera is an ancient Canon digital point-and-shoot. Photos taken in 2014.


Builderr's Photo by David Fletcher
C&S #30 was a Baldwin built 2-8-0 Consolidation delivered to the DSP&P in 1880. It was originally numbered DSP&P #50 and became DSP&P #190 in 1885. Her full-size sister, DSP&P #191, is at the Colorado Railway Museum. See David's CAD drawings of DSP&P #51 / 191 HERE.

C&S #30 sneaks past the Pioneer grain elevator at Leaverite. The horse-drawn wagon with beer for the Black Hills Saloon has just crossed the track in front of the locomotive.

C&S #30 headed north at Lone Pine.

C&S #30 climbing Climax Hill, with the Climax yard and freight depot in the background.

C&S #30 at Glacier Station, after taking on water.

Headshot of C&S #30 and her short freight train, stopped for orders at Glacier.

C&S #30 southbound on the High Line, passing the first oilwell in Alberta.

This image shows why the High Line is called the High Line.

C&S #30 on Bridge 3.

C&S #30 on Bridge 4, silhouetted against the evening sky.

C&S #30 on Bridge 5.

Another shot on the bridge.

Number 30 at sunset., approaching the Randy Andy Mine at the Pallisades.