Denver, South Park and Pacific Railroad

DSP&P Plans by John Maxwell

This page contains reduced size reproductions of John Maxwell's plans of South Park era equipment. There are 3 locomotives, 3 passenger cars, and 7 freight cars, plus 4 waycars from the C&S era. For more C&S era drawinds,
CLICK HERE -- these cover DSP&P cars that survived into the 1900's.

All were drawn in the 1950's and 1960's. John's notes and comments on the plans give insights into road numbers (with dates) and construction details that are the backbone of many subsequent articles and books on the DSP&P.

I purchased a set of 183 plans from an estate sale via eBay that covered a wide range of his drawings. My copies appear to be very old blackline prints on very soft paper that will not stand much handling. I have no idea how complete the set is. For a complete index of this collection, CLICK HERE.

John's son Bruce managed the Maxwell Collection for a few years but he too has passed away. I don't know where the original drawings are now. If you know who has the originals, please
 contact me.

Below are my original scans, converted to blueprint format. Right click and "Save Picture As" to capture the image you see on the screen.

For more detailed full size scans in PDF format, left click the image then usse File >> Save As, after the PDF file loads, to save the image on your hard drive.

Left Click these links to download other DSP&P drawings by John Maxwell not shown elsewhere on this page.
 •  DSP-108 Como Roundhouse       • DSP-109 Pitkin Depot      • DSP-110 Bailey Depot

DSP&P 2-6-6T  Mason Bogie #15 "Breckenridge"

DSP&P 2-6-0 Cooke Mogul #71

DSP&P 2-8-0 Cooke Consolidation #63 (Also BLW Versions)

DSP&P Pullman Sleepers "Bonanza", "San Juan", "Leadville"


DSP&P Coach #9

DSP&P Baggage Express Cars #40, 41, 45

DSP&P Baggage-Mail #42 -- 44  later 1300 -- 1302
C&S Baggage Mail Express #110 -- 112 later 10 -- 12

DSP&P 26 Foot Flat Cars 100 to 299 and DSP&P 1100 to 1299 (excluding 1201-1208)

DSP&P 26 Foot Coal Cars 300 to 499 and DSP&P 1300 - 1443

DSP&P 27 Foot Box Cars 500 to 899
dsp-maxwell/DSP-1 Box Cars 500 600 800 Series Nos 24082-24275.pdf

DSP&P 27 Foot Box Car 608 (before DSP&PHS Restoration)

DSP&P 26 Foot Refrigerator Cars 505 to 511 and 555 to 559

DSP&P 27 Foot Refrigerator Cars 1050 to 1064

DSP&P 26 Foot Stock Cars 1200 to 1208


DSP&P Waycars 69, 76, 73, 75,
Based On Drawings of C&S Cabooses 1005 (307), 1008 (310), 1006 (308), 1007 (309)