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Manitoba Railway History

Inside the ornate 1911 ex-CPR passenger station in Winnipeg is one of those hidden gems of railroad history - the Winnipeg Railway Museum. It has a number of totally unique items, like the CPR 1946 Packard inspection car, industrial locomotives, and freight and passenger cars closely related to the history of Manitoba. Pride of place goes to the "Countess of Dufferin", a 4-4-0 that was the first locomotive to run in Manitoba.

The "Countess of Dufferin" was built in Philadelphia by Baldwin for the Northern Pacific and delivered to Breckenridge, MN in 1872. She worked as Northern Pacific #21 in the Minnesota and Dakota Territories until delivered to St. Boniface (Winnipeg) in 1877, by barge down the Red River from Fisher Landing, MN. Here she worked on Canadian Government Contract #5 constructing the Pembina Branch, which linked Winnipeg with St. Paul. In 1833, she was renumbered CPR #151 and helped construct track between Winnipeg, the Lakehead, and Golden, BC, where she was sold to the Columbia River Lumber Company. She was returned to the city in 1909 and put on display. In 1972 the "Countess" was placed on permanent display in the Winnipeg Railway Museum.

The "Countess of Dufferin" arriving at Winnipeg on a barge in 1877, with a boxcar /office car?


Photos taken in 2012 by Sonja. For rolling stock and MOW, see Museum Website

Winnipeg Union Station (ex 1911 CPR) nicely restored inside and out is home for the Winnipeg Railway Museum, and is still in use for ViaRail "Canadian"

Side view of the "Countess of Dufferin"

Whistle and builder's plate on the "Countess of Dufferin"

Side view of the "Countess of Dufferin"

Nearly head on view of the "Countess of Dufferin"

Greater Winnipeg  Water District Railway inspection railcar, 1946 Packard, built by CPR shops in Winnipeg

Manitoba Hydro Mack B-1 railbus

Winnipeg Hydro #4 250 HP gasoline-electrict 20 ton 4- axle Davenport built 1927 (left)
Hudson Bay Mining & Smelting electric locomotive #95 20 ton General Electric 250 Volt built 1926 (right)

1955 International S-160 2 Ton truck    1941 Fargo 1-1/2 Ton truck

1920 Ford Model T, CN Express truck